Cloud-Computing Helps the Fight against Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak had not only disrupted the life of many people, but also posed daunting challenges to businesses. There is no doubt that the present is an age of data supremacy; data gathering, processing and control will be the fuel for future business growth. As the coronavirus rampages, how to avoid cross-infection in the workplace and how to mitigate great risks of the company being forced out of operation? At present, companies have been turning their attentions on Cloud office systems and work-from-home for fresh business growth points. Free from spatial constraints, life in the Cloud has become the new battle force in the campaign to contain the pandemic.

An internal investigation conducted by a large Mainland technology company indicated that teleconference, work-from-home, online marketing, and online communication combined have cut the company’s electricity bill, travel expenses and operating cost by up to 30%.

The coronavirus pandemic have brought about a series of new office models and lifestyles, including online course, online retailing, online face mask ordering, health status self-reporting, and other types of Life in the Cloud.

According to Goldman Sachs, spending on cloud services will bounce to 15% of the aggregate potential market, a signal for the turning point of the boom cycle for IT industry around the world.

It is important to know that in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. To emerge live and strong from the crisis, companies should be forward-looking, seize every opportunity for transformation and upgrading, take the initiative to conduct business on the Cloud, explore new business models, and look for new market positions.

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Where pandemic destroys, we build. Let us work hand-in-hand to win this war against coronavirus.



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