Cloud Solutions, from Public, Hybrid to Private, providing you various benefits on your business

Beauty of Cloud

Moving to the Cloud becomes a hot topic in recent years. There are quite a number of reasons motivated the companies to take this step.

Considerable cost saving on the reducing on-premise hardware investment would be one of the key reasons.
Also, the scalability of the Cloud cuts most of the time to build up an infrastructure to cater with the changing business environment.

As the investment cost is greatly reduced when going cloud, many companies of all-sizes can enter the global markets with such a relatively-low threshold.


Once the company decides to go on Cloud, the next question is to see whether to take Private Cloud, Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. Honestly, every cloud type would have its own pros and cons, and it greatly depends on the company’s own desires on business flexibility, and cost-saving concerns.

When considering cloud adoption, many in-house IT would feel hesitated to move forward, as there is always lack of resources on both labour force and technical skills. Being busy in daily operation work, it is quite difficult for the in-house IT (especially those companies without a full-IT-team) to free up some more resources to take the Go-on-Cloud projects.

How NC Services can Help

With our Rich Experiences in Cloud Solution deployment, we are able to:

  • Identify all the existing applications and infrastructure environments within or outside the company
  • Define the problems-to-solved, short-term or long-term goals by collecting user requirements from different user levels
  • Tailor-made cloud solutions based on the existing environment and project goals
  • Work out detailed project plan to highlight the migration tasks to accomplish with timelines
  • After cloud deployment, support around-the-clock on-going monitoring and maintaining services

Moving from On-premise Infrastructure/Virtual Server/another Cloud to a new Cloud platform, becomes a easy job with the help of our Strong Engineering Team.