Considering the IT Project as a full-set dinner, Migration is the main course. It inevitably determines whether the Project is successful or failed. Honestly, it is also the platform on which the technology skills and the technical hand-on experiences start to execute.

Apart from these, well-established policies and standard procedures are required, so as to make sure the projects are deployed in place and up-to-standard.

Upon the completion of the main deployment, it is essential to test and review whether the project has been delivered as it stated in the proposed solution. If anything in the outcome is not matched with the expectation of the proposal or there is ad-hoc requirement which is out of the project scope, it should be raised out as soon as it can be, and work out the resolution with the customers without delay.

Under “Migration”, we have:

  • We have team of different OS-platform and application certified professional engineers ready for different type of IT projects
  • Our “Chef”, Professional Engineers, take up the execution parts to transform everything proposed in the IT Solutions into the reality (i.e. from the menu to the real dishes) with standard procedures
  • Instead of just taking it as a document-to-sign-off, we consider User Acceptance Test as an important part to go within a project. From drafting out the acceptance criteria, to going through the test, or even giving feedback on anything fallen out of the UAT, user involvements are always highly recommended, so as to keep the user expectation and project deliverable are in pace